45 Interesting Birds that Start with C

There are many different types of birds that start with C. The most common type of bird that starts with c is the canary. Canaries are small, brightly colored birds that are native to the Canary Islands. They are popular pets due to their friendly demeanor and beautiful singing voice.

Apart from the canary there are other types of birds starting with letter c and in this article we’ll look at over forty species found in and out of the US. Let’s get started.

List of Birds that start with c

1. Crow


There are many different types of crows, but they all have one thing in common: they’re all black. Crows are among the smartest animals in the world and can be trained to do tricks. They’re also known for being very social animals and can be found in large groups called “murder”. Yup, you read that right.

Crows are interesting birds. They are in the same family as ravens, and they are very intelligent. Crows are omnivorous, which means that they eat both plants and animals. They have been known to steal food from other animals, and they are also known for their mischievous behavior.

2. Canada goose

 Canada goose

There are many different types of birds in the world, and each one has its own unique characteristics. Of all the different types of birds, Canada geese are some of the most well-known.

They are easily recognizable by their distinctive brown and white plumage with black head and large bodies.

The Canada goose is known for its intelligence and strong family ties, and it is a popular sight in parks and other public areas.

3. Caatinga antwren

The Caatinga antwren is a small, sparrow-sized bird that is endemic to the Brazil. It has a gray back, pale underparts, and a black cap.

This bird that starts with C is insectivorous, and feeds mainly on insects and spiders. It is a shy and retiring bird, and is difficult to observe in the wild.

4. Canary birds

Canary birds

Canary birds are a small, brightly colored bird that is common in the United States. They are related to finches. Canary birds thrive in many different environments, from open fields to dense forests.

They are generally very tame and can be easily trained to come to your hand. Although they are not typically considered a prized possession, canaries make great pets for those who want a low-maintenance bird that is easy to keep and interesting to watch.

5. Chickadees birds


The chickadee is a small North American bird that is known for its intelligence and friendly personality.

Chickadee chickadees birds belong to the paridae family which also includes the titmouse. These birds can be found in a variety of habitats, from forests to city parks, and are popular with birders due to their interesting behavior and vocalizations.

They are often seen playing games with other birds or human beings.

6. Calandra lark

Commonly found in the Mediterranean, the Calandra lark is a small bird that features a streaked gray back and whitish underparts.

Measuring about 7.8 inches long, this bird that starts with c lays up to 6 eggs in a grass nest. This lark mostly feeds on grass and seeds.

7. California gnatcatcher

California gnatcatcher


Endemic to Southwestern United States, the California gnatcatcher is a small, sparrow-sized bird that are gray in color with a narrow black tail and pale underparts. Notice the white eye ring?

These birds belong to the polioptilidae family. They are known for their quick movements and aerial acrobatics. They breed in dense shrubs and trees near open areas, such as meadows or marshes. California gnatcatchers eat insects and measure about 4 inches.

8. Cabot’s tern

Cabot's tern

Cabot’s tern is a seabird that is found in the North Atlantic. It is a medium-sized tern with a wingspan of about 38 inches. The Cabot’s tern has a grayish back and white underparts. It has a black cap and a black or yellow bill. This tern feeds on fish and other marine creatures.

9. Canebrake wren

Small, stong bill and very vocal, the canebrake wren is a songbird that is found in parts of Costa rica. The birds are grayish brown with white stripes on their head. They are known for their loud, melodic songs. Canebrake wrens consume a variety of insects. They build their nests in thickets of cane brakes, from which they get their name.

10. Capped heron

Capped heron

Graceful and colorful, the capped heron is a species of heron that is found in parts of South America. This medium sized birds measures about 23 inches and can weigh up to 1.4 pounds.

They have a mostly white body, with a long yellow neck, blue face and beak. They are usually solitary birds and eat small fish, amphibians and reptiles.

11. Cardinal lory

Cardinal lory


Cardinal lory is another type of bird that starts with c. They are native to the Solomon Islands, but can also be found in captivity. These birds are mostly red with a yellow bill.

They are about 12 inches long and have a wingspan of about 18 inches. Cardinals are very social birds and live in flocks of 10-30 birds. They eat fruit, insects, and nectar.

12. Common swift

 Common swift

The common swift is a small, dark bird that can be found throughout most of the world. They are known for their aerial acrobatics and their ability to fly for long periods of time without landing.

Although they are not typically seen near people, they are considered beneficial because they help control populations of insects.

13. Curl-crested jay

Curl-crested jay is a beautiful bird that is found in parts of South America. This bird is a member of the crow family and is very similar in appearance to the American crow.

The most distinguishing feature of the curl-crested jay is the large crest of feathers on its head that give it its name. These birds are omnivorous and eat a variety of foods, including insects, fruit, and nuts.

14. Common Cuckoo

Common Cuckoo

The common cuckoo bird is a member of the cuculidae family of birds. It is mostly gray with a barred belly. Notice the gorgeous long black and white tail?

This migratory birds is commonly found Africa, Europe, and Asia. It lives in forests and open fields where it feeds eats insects, especially caterpillars.

This C bird is also best known for its habit of laying eggs in the nests of other birds. The cuckoo then leaves the other birds to care for its eggs and young. Its call is a loud “coo-koo”

15. Chicken


How many breeds of chicken do you know? When most people think of chicken, they think of the bird that is used for meat. But there are also many different types of chickens that are kept as pets.

Chickens can be interesting and fun pets to have, and they are relatively easy to care for. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, and they can be very friendly and social animals.

16. Cormorant


The cormorant are a type of aquatic birds that are found in many parts of the world. There are different types of cormorants, and they are all fairly large birds. They are usually black or dark gray, with yellowish billse

These birds that start with c are excellent swimmers, and they can dive under water to catch fish. They also eat other types of seafood, such as crabs and clams.

17. Cape weaver

Cape weaver

Cape weaver are small birds found in Africa. They are common in open areas near water, and are often seen in large flocks.

These yellow birds are social and can be very vocal, making a variety of chirping and warbling noises. They are omnivorous, feeding on seeds, insects, and other small creatures.

18. Cape sugarbird

Cape sugarbird

South Africa is home to some of the most beautiful omnivorous birds of the world. The cape sugarbird is a small passerine bird that is endemic to the Western Cape region of South Africa.

It is closely related to the sugarbird and the malachite sunbird, and is characterized by its long, slender bill and very long tail.

19. Caspian tern

Caspian tern

The caspian tern is a large seabird that is found in coastal areas throughout North America. These birds are known for their impressive aerial abilities, and they are often spotted flying high above the ocean’s surface.

Caspian terns feed primarily on fish, and they can be very aggressive when competing for food. In addition to their hunting skills, caspian terns are also known for their elaborate courtship rituals.

20. Chaco nothura

When I first heard about Chaco nothura I though “That’s a unique name. It must be a unique bird.” And I was not disappointed.

The Chaco nothura is a bird that is found in the Chaco region of Argentina. It is a medium-sized bird that has a brown streaked coloration. It is a quiet bird that does not typically call out to other members of its species.

21. Cockatiel


The cockatiel is a small, colorful bird that is mostly found in Australia. They are known for their intelligence and playful personalities. Cockatiels are popular pets and can be easy to care for with the right information.

These c birds belong to the parrot group and lay whitish eggs that take up to 23 days to hatch. How long do these omnivorous birds like? Up to 32 years.

22. Caatinga parakeet

 Caatinga parakeet


Curious and cheerful, the Caatinga parakeet is a medium-sized colorful bird that is found in Brazil’s Caatinga region. These birds are usually seen in pairs or small flocks, and they are very vocal, making a variety of chirping sounds.

23. Chinese grouse

The Chinese grouse is a bird that can be found in China and parts of Russia. They are a medium-sized bird, and are brown in color with white markings. They are a ground-dwelling bird, and eat seeds and insects. They build nests on the ground, and lay clutches of 3-6 eggs.

24. Coal tit

Coal tit

Coal tits are small passerine birds that is found throughout parts of North Africa. This bird gets its name from the black head that resemble pieces of coal. It is usually around 4.3 inches in length.

The coal tit is a member of the tit family, which includes other small birds such as the blue tit and the great tit.

25. Common quail

Common quail

The common quail is a small, plump bird that is found in open country throughout the world. They are usually seen in small flocks and are ground feeders, eating insects, seeds, and fruit. Quail are able to run quickly and can fly short distances. They are shy birds and will hide in dense vegetation if they feel threatened.

26. Crested jay

Crested jay

Another group of birds that start with c are the crested jays. This beautiful bird is found in parts of Asia and is a member of the crow family.

It has a crest on its head that gives it its name. The crested jay is a black bird with white underparts.

27. Cuban trogon

Looking for a stunning bird? I believe the Cuban Trogon is one of the most beautiful bird that start with letter C.

It is a member of the trogon family, which includes other colorful birds such as the Resplendent quetzal. This medium-sized bird has a long tail and bright red belly and white chest. It is found in the forests of Cuba, where it feeds on insects and fruit.

28. Caracara


The caracara is a large, black and white raptor that has a wingspan of up to 4 feet (48 inches). It is known for its fearless nature and its ability to take down prey much larger than itself.

This bird can be found in a variety of habitats, from open plains to dense forests. Notice its strong bill, perfect for tearing flesh.

29. Cabanis’s bunting

Boldly marked back, bright yellow belly the cabanis’s bunting is a beautiful little bird that is endemic to parts of Africa. This little bird is a member of the Emberizidae family and is closely related to the American goldfinch.

This bird is a passerine, which means it is capable of flight. It’s known for its loud songs. The different song patterns includes trills and whistles.

30. Crane


Crane is a large, long-legged bird that is found in many parts of the world. There are two main types of cranes: the white-necked crane and the sandhill crane. All cranes have a long neck and legs, and most have a large bill.

These birds can be up to 5 feet tall and have a wingspan of up to 8 feet. They are graceful flyers and are known for their elaborate dances and for their loud calls.

31. Crossbill


Crossbill is the common name for a bird that belongs to the group Loxia. There are two types of crossbills, the red crossbill and the white-winged crossbill.

These birds are found in North America, Europe, and Asia. Crossbills have a crossed bill that helps them to pry open pine cones to get at the seeds. They are also known for their vocalizations, which include a variety of whistles and rattles.

32. Cowbird


There are many different types of birds in the world. Some of these birds are very common, while others are much more rare.

One type of bird that is becoming more and more common is the cowbird. Cowbirds are a type of blackbird, and they are found throughout North America.

33. Carolina wren

Carolina wren

Carolina wrens are small, common songbirds found in the eastern United States. These birds are easily recognized by their characteristic song, which sounds like “tea-kettle, tea-kettle”.

Carolina wrens are very active and playful, and can be seen hopping along the ground or perching on tree branches. They are also known for their fearless nature, and will often approach humans who are birding.

34. Cliff swallow

Cliff swallow

The cliff swallow is a small, sparrow-sized bird that is found in North America. They are very common and can be seen in many different habitats, including open fields, meadows, and along the edges of cliffs and buildings.

Cliff swallows are aerial insectivores and eat a variety of bugs, including mosquitoes, flies, and beetles. They build their nests out of mud and use them to live in during the summer months.

35. Costa’s hummingbird

Costa's hummingbird

Costa’s hummingbird is a tiny bird that is found in western US. It is the smallest hummingbird in the United States and Canada. This tiny bird is known for its quick movements and its ability to hover in one spot.

36. Cardinal


Cardinals are a North American bird that is easily recognizable by its bright red feathers. These birds are common in wooded areas and can be found in both rural and urban settings.

Cardinals are songbirds and are known for their beautiful singing voices. They typically live in pairs or small groups and eat insects, seeds, and fruit.

37. Chaffinch


The Chaffinch is a small passerine bird that is found throughout Europe and North Africa. They are usually around 4 – 5 inches in length and have a wingspan of around 11 inches.

They have a brown back, throat and belly and grey head. The Chaffinch has a pleasant warbling song and is a popular garden bird.

38. Chestnut fronted macaw

Dense feathers, strong beak, the Chestnut-fronted macaws are gregarious birds that can be found in the rainforest of South America.

They are a bright green color with patches of red on the wings. These birds are very social and live in flocks of up to 25 birds. They eat fruits, nuts, and seeds from the trees in the rainforest.

39. Curlew bird

Curlew bird

With a long downward-curved bill, Curlews are long, slender wading birds found in parts of the US. They also have long necks and feet. There are two species of curlew in North America, the common curlew and the Wilson’s curlew.

Curlews are migratory birds, spending the winter in warm climates and migrating to the Arctic to breed. They eat insects, crustaceans, and other small animals.

40. Cackling goose

Cackling goose

The cackling goose is a small goose that is found in North America. They are distinguishable by their black head and neck, and brown body. Cackling geese are the smallest of all the North American geese, and are very vocal birds. They can be found in a variety of habitats, including wetlands, marshes, estuaries, and agricultural areas.

41. Calliope hummingbird

 Calliope hummingbird

The Calliope hummingbird is one of the smallest birds in North America. Weighing in at just 2.9 grams or 0.1 oz, this tiny bird has a wingspan of only 4 inches.

What it may lack in size, it makes up for with its iridescent green and copper feathers and its incredibly fast flight speed. These birds that start with c are sexually dimorphic.

42. Caica parrot

Commonly found in the Amazon forest, the Caica parrot is a unique bird that is known for its bright green and yellow feathers, and they are also one of the smallest parrots in the world.

Caica parrots are monogamous, and they mate for life. These birds live in small flocks, and they use their beaks to break open nuts and seeds.

43. Common mynas

 Common myna

What is unique about common mynas? Well it’s the only bird on this c birds list that is known to lay chalky blue eggs.

Myna birds are a common sight in many parts of the world. They are small, brown birds with a black head and a yellow beak. Mynas are very social birds and can be found in large groups near food sources or nesting areas. They are omnivorous and eat a variety of insects, fruits, and seeds. Mynas are also known for their loud, distinctive call.

44. Cardinal woodpecker

 Cardinal woodpecker

The cardinal woodpecker is a medium-sized woodpecker found in the United States and parts of Mexico. The male has a crest on its head, which rises when the bird is excited. The cardinal woodpecker’s diet consists mostly of insects, but it will also eat fruit and nuts.

45. Cedar waxwing

Cedar waxwing

Cedar waxwings are found in many parts of North America. These birds are known for their black mask on their face and yellow tipped fan tail, which makes them easy to spot among the trees. Cedar waxwings are also known for their unique diet, which includes berries and fruit.

46. Chaco owl

Chaco owl

Another bird that starts with c is the Chaco owl. It is named for its range, which includes the Chaco region of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. The Chaco owl is a pale, sandy brown with streaks of darker brown.

It has a round head with no ear tufts, and yellow eyes. The Chaco owl is mainly a night hunter, preying on small mammals such as rats, mice, and rabbits. It also eats birds and insects.




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