33 Interesting Birds that Start with F

There are many birds that start with F. From the graceful flamingo, a beautiful pink bird that lives in parts of Africa and South America to the powerful falcon, a bird of prey, there are plenty of birds starting with letter F. 

We’ll also explore other lesser known birds so that you can include them in your birding journal. I’ll explain a few of their identifying traits, habitats and more. 

List of Birds that Start with F

1. Fawn-breasted tanager

The fawn-breasted tanager is a small, brightly colored bird that is found in the Amazon rainforest. It is a member of the tanager family, which includes other brightly colored birds such as the scarlet tanager and the summer tanager. 

Weighing about 0.8 oz, the fawn-breasted tanager is distinguished by its stunning red eyes, black mask and sky blue cape ‘crown”. Both species have blue-black backs and cinnamon underparts. 

Fawn-breasted tanagers are migratory birds and are great at constructing cup-shaped nests. Females lay 2 – 3 eggs and incubate them for about 2 weeks. 

2. Fairy pitta

Another gorgeous species of birds with letter f are the fairy pitta. These beautiful birds can be found in the rainforest. 

They have unique plumage that allows them to stand out from other birds in the genus pitta. Fairy pittas have seven different colors. Their back and wings are mostly green with turquoise blue patches, red belly and undertail. The head is also multicolored; shades of black,  white, and a rufous crown. 

Fairy pittas are about 7 inches long and are insectivores but they will also eat small lizards or frogs.

3. Fawn-breasted thrush

The fawn-breasted thrush is a passerine bird that is found in Indonesia. It is a member of the thrush family, and is closely related to the American robin. 

Fawn-breasted thrushes have a rufous back with white spots on their wings, whitish underparts, streaked chest. It is a shy bird that prefers to stay hidden in dense undergrowth.

4. Fairy tern

Fairy terns are a type of seabird that are known for its light gray feathers, white body, black cape and underbelly.

This group of terns are about 10 inches in length, with a wingspan of around 30 inches. Fairy terns can be found in coastal areas all over the world mostly in New Zealand and Australia. They typically nest in colonies on beaches or offshore islands.

 These birds are scavengers, and they will eat anything from fish to insects to scraps from human settlements. Unfortunately fairy terns are listed as endangered and there are measures in place to try and increase their numbers. 

5. Fan-tailed widowbird

Sexually dimorphic, chunky, and beautiful, fan-tailed widowbirds are endemic to Africa. Male are mostly black with red-colored wings. Females are mostly brown with streaked backs. Young males share similar traits with the female widowbirds. 

These birds prefer marshy and moist scrubs where they forage for food. The fan-tailed widowbird is a social bird and can be found in groups of up to 100 birds. They are monogamous and stay together for life. The fan-tailed widowbird feeds on insects and spiders.

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6. Falkland steamer duck

The Falkland steamer duck is a type of duck that is endemic to the Falkland Islands. They are listed as a vulnerable species due to their declining population. 

These medium-sized birds are flightless birds, meaning these ducks do not fly. They are mostly gray with orange bills and yellow legs for males while females are darker with brown head and neck and a green bill. They feed on aquatic invertebrates, and can be found near the coast or in freshwater habitats. They are related to the eider duck

7. Fanti drongo

Widely found in Africa, Fanti Drongos are a medium-sized black bird and are a member of the Dicruridae family, which includes other drongos and birds of paradise.

 Like the fairy terns, fanti drogos have scissor tails. These birds are insectivorous, and typically hunt by hovering over its prey before swooping down to snatch it up. It is a social bird, typically found in small flocks.

8. Fernwren

Note the white throat? Fernwrens are small birds that start with F. These secretive birds that are found in the Northern parts of Australia. Related to the wrens of North America, they are named for their habit of hiding in ferns. 

Fernwrens are very difficult to see, but with a good pair of binoculars you can view a lot from a distance, and little is known about their behavior or ecology. They are thought to be insectivores, and they may build nests in tree hollows or among ferns. They are known to produce high-pitched notes. 

9. Ferruginous duck

Remember the Harlequin duck we looked at in our list of birds beginning with H? Ferruginous ducks are equally beautiful waterfowls that are easily identified by its striking rust-colored plumage. 

This bird is found throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, and typically inhabits shallow marshes and ponds. Ferruginous ducks are omnivorous, feeding on both aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates, as well as plant matter. They are excellent swimmers and divers, and can be very elusive when disturbed.

10. Far Eastern curlew

The Far Eastern curlew is a large, long-legged shorebird that breeds in eastern Russia and winters in Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Formerly common, the Far Eastern curlew has declined dramatically in recent decades due to loss of habitat and hunting. These striking birds are easily recognized by their long, downward-curving bill and cinnamon-colored plumage.

11. Fernando Po speirops

Fernando Po speirops is a small bird that is all brown. The rest of its body is white. This bird is known for its song, which is a series of high-pitched notes.

Fernando Po Speirops is shy and difficult to see and has unique blue-gray legs. 

12. Ferruginous babbler

Ferruginous babbler is a medium-sized bird that is found in open habitats across Asia. . They are named for their coloration, which ranges from pale brown to rufous.

 Ferruginous babblers are active birds that forage on the ground for insects and other small prey. They are territorial birds that are known to sing loudly “che-wit” to defend their territory.

13. Ferruginous antbird

Another bird that begins with letter f and is a member of the ferruginous family is the ferruginous antbird. 

This medium-sized bird is found in parts of Brazil and is a member of the Thamnophilidae family, and is related to the barred antshrike. This bird is black with a rust-colored chest and belly. It has a long tail, and its wings are black with white patches. The ferruginous antbird feeds on insects, spiders, and other small prey.

14. Fiji bush warbler

Small, rufous head, and loud, the Fiji bush warbler is a small passerine bird that is endemic to the islands of Fiji. 

It is listed as vulnerable on the  Red List, and is threatened by habitat loss and introduced predators. These birds are shy and elusive, and little is known about their behavior or ecology. But, they are known for their beautiful song, which can be heard throughout the forest. They are believed to be insectivores, and are thought to forage in the understory of the forest.

15. Field sparrow

Widely found in shrubs across most Eastern states, field sparrows are small brown birds that are named for their habit of living in open fields. They have a darker tail and white underparts. Notice their small pinkish bill. 

Adults measure up to 5.9 inches and feed mostly on insects and seeds. Field sparrows are social birds that often form small flocks. They are monogamous and build nests of grasses and other materials in a variety of locations, including on the ground, in trees, and in shrubs.

16. Ferruginous-backed antbird

Ferruginous-backed antbird is a passerine bird that is found in the tropical forest (Amazon basin). This bird is a medium-size and weighs about  2.5-3 ounces.

 Its plumage is mainly rusty -brown with a black throat. Note the white eyering? Beautiful. The ferruginous-backed antbird feeds on insects, which it finds by foraging through the dense undergrowth.

17. Fiery-browed starling

There are many different types of starlings, but the fiery-browed starling is one of the most unique. Also known as the fiery-browed myna, fiery-browed starlings are medium-sized birds that you can spot easily because of their unique bright-orange eyebrows.  

These birds measure about 10 inches, are mostly gray with green tail and wings. The fiery-browed startling are mostly seen in pairs or groups and are known for their beautiful tik-tik and wink notes. 

18. Finn’s weaver 

The Finn’s weaver is a small, yellow bird that is related to the kilombero weaver that we looked at when we explored birds with k

These birds are sexualy dimorphic. Females are mostly brown and streaked on the back with paler underparts. The male are mostly yellow. 

These birds are known for their intricate woven nests, which can be seen hanging from tree branches. They are usually found in open areas near water, where they can easily find food.

19. Fiordland penguin

I think the fiordland penguin is one of the most unique bird on this list of birds that start with f.

Weighing up to 8 lb, this small, flightless bird is found in parts of New Zealand. How can you differentiate it from other penguins? Simple. The fiordland penguin has a dark gray-bluish plumage on its upperparts and white underparts. 

It comes with an orange bill. Also, be on the lookout for white stripes on its cheek which will help you identify this bird more easily. 

Fiordlands prefer eating sparrow squids and because these birds have been classified as vulnerable, conservationists have measures in place to protect and increase their numbers. 

20. Fish crow

The fish crow, or corvus ossifragus, is a member of the crow family that is found in coastal areas of the eastern United States. It is a medium-sized black bird with a characteristic wedge-shaped tail and a deep, hoarse voice. 

Fish crows are very opportunistic feeders, and they will eat just about anything they can find, including insects, crabs, small fish, and trash. They are very common in urban and suburban areas. They are known for their loud, cawing call.

21. Flame robin

Endemic to Australia, the flame robin is a small, brightly colored bird that  is related to the American robin. 

They are sexaualy dimorphic. Males have gray upperparts and orange-red underneath are dark brown above and paler below. 

Measuring about 5 inches, flame robins are larger compared to other birds in the robin family. They also have longer wings. They are shy birds, and are not often seen by humans. They live in wooded areas near streams or rivers, where they eat insects and other small creatures.

22. Flame-crested manakin

Preferring tropical and subtropical swamplands, the flame-crested manakin is a small passerine bird that is endemic to parts of South America. 

Like the flame robin above, females and males have different plumage that will help you distinguish the sexes. Males have a striking red-orange chest, black head, and white throat while females are mostly brown with pale underparts. Flame-crested manakins are monogamous, and the pair bonds for life. They build their nests together from vines and other materials, and the female typically lays two eggs.

23. Flaming sunbird

Known for their long curved bill and high-pitched notes, flaming sunbirds are another group of birds that start with f. 

This member of the sunbird family is related to the honeyeater. The flaming sunbird is a very colorful bird, with a bright yellowish and red belly, black face and throat with a purple spot, and blackish tail. 

Females are mostly greenish-yellow. These birds prefer moist lowland forests. 

24. Flamingo 

The flamingo is one of the most recognizable birds in the world. This tall and elegant bird has a brightly colored bill, feathers, and legs. Flamingos are mostly found in Africa and South America, but they have been spotted in many other parts of the world.

They live in marshes, wetlands, and lakes and eat mainly plants. In the US you can find flamingos in Southern Florida. 

25. Falcon bird 

Falcons are one of the most popular birds in the world. These birds of prey can be found all over the world, but they are especially common in North America. Falcons are beautiful creatures and provide many people with a sense of awe. 

In the US, these are the falcon types you can find: 

  • Peregrine falcon 
  • Merlin 
  • American Kestrel 
  • Prairie falcon 
  • Aplomado falcon 

26. Friarbird 

Red eyes, bald head, and distinctive horn, the friarbird is an easy-to-spot bird. The friarbird family consists of 15 species. 

These birds are known for their loud squawks and can be very noisy. Most birds feature gray plumage on their bodys with bare heads. Their bills are long and slightly curved. These birds  primarily inhabit temperate forests. They have long tails and strong feet. They feed on insects, spiders, and other small prey. 

27. Finches 

There are more than 150 different finch species in the world but they are especially abundant in temperate and subtropical regions . The male finch is colorful and has a flashy display while singing. Females are drabber and usually only sing during breeding season. 

In the US there are plenty of finches in different states and you can spot a few when you are birdwatching. These types include: 

  • Evening grosbeak
  • American goldfinch
  • Blue grosbeak
  • House finch 
  • Purple finch 
  • Common redpoll

28. Fig-parrot 

The fig-parrot is a small parrot found in tropical Australia. This colorful bird is easily identified by its bright green plumage on its body, red cheeks, blue patch around their eyes and a small red patch on their head.  

These birds are known for their distinctive calls “tzit-zeet”. The fig-parrot is known for its ability to mimic the sounds of other birds, including those of other parrots. 

29. Fruitcrow 

Huge, stunning and strong, the fruitcrow is a bird that prefers to live in montane forests. Both sexes share the same plumage and females are smaller than the males. Both sexes are mostly glossy black with a chestnut belly and red throat. 

30. Forest owlet 

The Forest Owlet is a small owl that is very rare and critically endangered. They have tiny bodies and large heads. 

Their eyes and ears are small and have a long tail. The Forest Owlet feeds on insects, spiders, and small animals that it finds in the forest. These birds make a series of “oh-owow” and can be very territorial. 

31. Francolins 

The francolin is a small bird that is a member of the pheasant family. Francolins are mainly ground-dwelling birds that forage on insects and other small animals. They are relatively shy and difficult to see, but they make loud “quacks” when they alarm their prey or when they are courting mates. 

32. Fairy-bluebird 

The fairy-bluebird is a small passerine bird of the irenidae family. It is endemic to parts of Asia. How can you identify these birds? Fairy bluebirds are sexually dimorphic. Males are black with blue on their head and backs while females are turquoise (dark) with darker wings. 

They live in open country where there are plenty of flowering plants, especially orchids and bromeliads. The male builds a large nest of grass, feathers, and down from which he attracts females with his beautiful songs. 

33. Fan-tailed Cuckoo 

Our last bird on the list of birds that start with f is the fan-tailed cuckoo. This is a small, brightly colored bird that can be found in parts of Australia and New Zealand . It is a member of the cuckoo family and spots a black and white tail. 

The fan-tailed cuckoo is an interesting bird because it has an unusual mating ritual. During the breeding season, the male fan-tailed cuckoo will chase away other males from the female’s territory. Then, he will build a special nest for the female and lay eggs in it. 




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