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10 Peanut Bird Feeders in 2023

Are you looking for a peanut feeder for birds? If you are like me and enjoy watching birds in the backyard, you will want them drawn closer to you. And you’ve figured out the best way to attract birds to your vicinity is by offering something they love-peanuts.

For that reason, you decided to get a peanut feeder, but you don’t know which feeder is the best. Do not worry. Your search is over.

For over a decade, we’ve had intriguing experiences while birdwatching and bought peanut feeders for birds along the way.

While you might think the feeder you’re purchasing is for birds, you might encounter unwanted visitors like squirrels.

But you don’t need to worry about that because we will also show you the best peanut feeder to keep away the squirrels.

Most birds love peanut feeders, especially blue jays, woodpeckers, tufted titmice, and nuthatches, to mention a few. Below are some of the best peanut feeders we have used for birds, and we bring you our honest opinion.

Best Peanut Bird Feeders in 2023

1. Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder With Cardinal Ring

As someone who loves nature, you want a squirrel-proof bird feeder that doesn’t harm these innocent creatures. This Squirrel Proof bird feeder from brome does an excellent job of blocking the squirrels from accessing the peanuts in the feeder.

You might ask yourself how effective the feeder is. Most backyard birds are lightweight, and this bird feeder is designed to align the openings in the shroud with the feeding ports.

Now because the squirrels are a bit heavy, the shroud goes down and thus locking the feeding ports, but the ports don’t close when the lightweight wild birds climb the shroud.

Gong down to its physical appearance, this peanut feeder has a green garden color, a perfect choice that easily attracts wild birds. This peanut feeder also has a cardinal string that firmly secures the feeder while offering comfort to the wild birds while feeding.


  • Large feed capacity
  • Squirrel-proof
  • Less maintenance
  • Well designed
  • Ventilated seed tube
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Pricy

2. Woodlink Coppertop Hopper Bird Feeder

Hopper Bird Feeder is made of copper roof and red cedarwood. This bird feeder has a unique and attractive design that would attract wild birds around your compound effortlessly.

Unlike tube feeders, the Woodlink Coppertop Hopper Bird Feeder has a barn or house-like design and is mainly visited by larger birds like the mourning doves, grosbeaks, and woodpeckers.

One thing you need to know before we go further is that hopper bird feeders are not squirrel resistant.

However, this is the best bird feeder for more giant wild birds like woodpeckers, so if you’re exploring the larger bird species, you’ve just found your ideal feeder.

And just as you would expect a larger bird feeder, this feeder has a feed diverter of 13lbs feed capacity that can hold mixed feed. It also has a perforated metal tray with wooden borders that prevents feed spillage.

The only downside of this bird feeder is that it can easily get damaged by rain. We noticed that rainwater got in through the hinged top, and thus, you might want to consider your climate first.


  • Easy to set up or mount
  • Makes feeding easy
  • It holds a lot of seed
  • Sturdy build
  • Cons
  • Not good in a rainy area

3. Colossal Ground Fly Trough Feeder

As the name suggests, this grounded feeder is placed on the ground and is made for birds, rabbits, and squirrels. The Colossal Ground feeder is for those looking to explore all kinds of birds and other small animals.

The colossal bird feeder is one of the biggest feeders on the market. Made of recycled materials, this ground feeder is strong enough to stand the test of time. We like to recommend this feeder because it has a massive feed capacity (16 cups) that requires less maintenance.

If you’re looking for a feeder that will let birds stay for a while, then this fly-through feeder will do a great job. We noticed that this tray made birds stick around longer than we had anticipated having their chit-chat.

Another incredible feature worth mentioning is that this ground feeder has a removable tray with drainage holes, so no matter how rainy it is, your bird feed won’t get soaked up.


  • Loved by most birds
  • Big to feed big ground feeding birds
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean


  • None

4. Gray Bunny Bird Feeder

The gray bunny bird feeder is a wreath-shaped hanging peanut feeder made of alloy steel and has a hanging hook that makes it easy to mount.

This is the best pick if you’ve been looking for a peanut wreath feeder that can withstand abuse. This bird feeder attracts a wide variety of nut-loving birds to your outdoor space like towhees, crows, grackles, nuthatches, doves, wrens, ravens, blue jays, and woodpeckers.

Sometimes, depending on the feeder type, some birds monopolize the bird’s feed, especially squirrels and woodpeckers. But that is not the case with this Gray Bunny Bird Feeder because its spiral-shaped design allows many birds to pick the feed easily.

Another thing that makes this nut feeder the best bird feeder is that it’s chew-proof. This powder-coated metal feeder is also rust-proof, guaranteeing a more extended service to your feathered friends.

Among the many peanut bird feeders we have used, this gray bunny nut feeder seems to be our favorite because it allows superb bird viewing for all ages. If you are looking for a low-maintenance peanut bird feeder, then this feeder can take in a lot of shelled peanuts.

Although this peanut feeder has many advantages, we noticed one thing that isn’t pleasant. Some birds struggled to get peanuts out of the wreath because its rings were so close, forcing a bird to break the peanut shell to get the nut out of the feeder.


  • Premium quality
  • It attracts all kinds of birds
  • Low-maintenance


  • Sometimes hard for the birds to get the feed out

5. Cedar Alpha Cat-Shaped Wild Bird Feeder

If you’re a nature lover who loves decorative or ornamental items, this bird feeder from Cedar Alpha is something you can’t afford to miss. Designed like a cat, this bird feeder has a sure lock cap lid that helps deter squirrels from accessing the bird’s feed.

Coming down to feed capacity, this bird feeder holds a maximum of 1lb bird feed, so we highly recommend it to people who want to attract small birds. Unlike other feeders specifically designed for peanuts or maybe suet balls, this feeder is used for various feeds like sunflower seed, unshelled peanuts, and safflower seeds.

The Cedar Alpha Cat-shaped feeder is that kind of feeder that gives you a lifetime service. And this is because this feeder is made of quality material, so you can easily fix it with a few tools when it falls.

We all want a bird feeder that is easy to fill and hang. This Cantone cat-shaped bird feeder offers both and more. Increase your family’s birdwatching interest with this attractive bird feeder.


  • Cute design
  • Easy filling and hanging
  • Attracts a variety of birds
  • Sturdy built


  • Not ideal for rainy seasons

6. Birds Choice XWPF Bird Feeder

The Birds Choice Bird Feeder is an excellent whole peanut bird feeder for the jays and woodpeckers. Apart from the whole peanuts, you can also fill this bird feeder with shelled peanuts and suet nuggets.

This XWPF bird feeder is made of alloy steel and comes with a black polyester powder-coated screen, a hanging cable, and a green top and bottom. Not much work is involved in assembling the feeder as you unbox, fill it up, and mount it.

Although the XWPF bird feeder has large holes that make it easy for the birds to access the feed, you will have some trouble with the squirrels. These small animals sniff the feed from the bird feeder, leaving nothing for your feathered friends.

The spring design of this bird feeder can also cause a lot of feed spillage on the small tray. We’ve noticed that when the jays land on the tray, many peanuts fall on the ground.

However, that shouldn’t deter you from purchasing the bird feeder. In fact, with the kind of attention it draws from birds of different species, you’re certainly going to enjoy the entertainment from the birds while feeding.


  • Great quality
  • Attracts blue jays
  • Large holes for easy feed access


  • Small peanuts fall off due to large holes

7. Woodlink Going Green Full Shell Peanut Feeder

Made of recycled plastic, this Woodlink Going Green Full Shell Peanut Feeder is another incredible bird feeder with a 1/2 lb shell peanut capacity. This bird feeder does a fantastic job of attracting different bird species

The Woodlink is rust-proof, and although the overall design seems incredible, we noticed that the gaps between the wires were too wide, causing peanuts to fall. If you don’t mind squirrels getting a few peanuts, you’re good to go because it’s not squirrel-proof.

We love to give credit where it’s due. Overall, this feeder is suitable, but we noticed that it doesn’t attract blue jays. The perch of this bird feeder is relatively small, so the birds don’t have something to cling to. Blue jays are good size birds, and we think that the small perch discourages the jays.

However, the perch shouldn’t be the deal-breaker, especially if your primary concern isn’t the blue jays. You can use this feeder to attract other small birds.


  • Rust-free making it durable
  • Premium quality
  • Good feed capacity


  • Small perch

8. 6-Hook Bird Feeding Station Wild Birds Unlimited

Now, this is where things get exciting. Sometimes the pressure that comes with your bird feeder not attracting some bird species can be overwhelming. That is why Bird Choice decided to combine different bird feeders and create a wild birds feeding station that enables feeding birds of all kinds.

This 6-Hook Multi Feeder Kit includes a package of 4 bird feeders; wire feeder, peanut feeder, tube feeder, suet feeder, water bowl, and an additional food tray. The package carries the best bird feeders that cater to every species. This means you have the upper hand as far as bird viewing is concerned.

When we get down to durability, this bird feeding station is made of steel and is strong enough to withstand massive winds. The center pole has several multipurpose hooks that you can use to hang the feeders and birdhouses or add pieces.

Going down to installation and use, the brand did a noble thing by creating an easy-to-follow and understandable guide that you can use to set up your feeding station. The threaded tubes even make it much easier to set it up.

If you’ve tried to attract birds using the regular single-purpose feeder for a long time, but things didn’t work, try this feeding station. Standing at 89 inches tall, this feeding station improves your birding experience by attracting birds to your space and beautifying your outdoor space.


  • Attracts different bird species
  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not squirrel-proof

9. Whole Peanut Blue Jays Feeder With Green Roof

As the name suggests, this bird feeder is designed specifically for the blue jays. If you were in search of a bird feeder that caters for blue jays only, then this is your perfect match.

Coming from one of the leading brands, this whole peanut bird feeder has a sturdy build and an innovative hinge roofing design that makes it easy to fill with whole peanuts. Unlike the normal wired bird feeders, this feeder has an acrylic plexy panel with large holes that makes it easy for the birds to get the peanuts.

This suet feeder is made using poly-lumber and recycled plastic, so it is sturdy enough to serve for years. The only downside about this feeder is that you can’t fill it with unshelled peanuts because they’ll fall out. The good thing is that the brand clearly states it’s built for whole peanuts.


  • Premium quality bird feeder
  • It easily attracts blue jays
  • Great feed capacity


  • The filling space is a bit small

10. Audubon Birds Delight Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

If you’re looking for a completely squirrel-proof bird feeder, then the Audubon Birds Delight Bird Feeder is for you.

The feeder has a powder-coated body and can carry up to 9lbs of bird food. With this massive capacity, low maintenance is expected. This bird feeder is the best for someone who has a tight schedule with little time to refill the feeder.

The Audubon feeder comes fully assembled, so you don’t have to worry about setting it up. Another great feature that increases your viewing is its single-sided feeding that you can strategically position and view birds effortlessly.

You probably want to know how this bird feeder keeps away squirrels. The Audubon bird feeder has a hooper design featuring an adjustable weight setting on the perch that is spring operated. Anytime a squirrel or a heavy bird lands on the perch to access the feed, it closes.

This feeder dispenses any feed to the wild birds from sunflower seed, safflower, and peeled peanuts. The best trick to low maintenance is to fill up the feeder and let the birds finish it before refilling.


  • Large capacity
  • Durable
  • Easy mounting
  • Squirrel proof


  • It takes a while for the birds to get attracted

Types Of Bird Feeders You Need To Attract Different Types Of Birds

To attract different bird species, you must understand that you will never have enough bird feeders. You start by buying one, but you’ll always need another one because you’ll realize you need to attract more species of wild birds.

  •  Peanut Bird Feeders

Most peanut bird feeders are tube-like and can be filled with unpeeled or peeled peanuts. However, this doesn’t mean that all peanut bird feeders have a tube shape. You can also come across a peanut feeder with a wreath shape with large holes.

Peanut bird feeders mostly attract nuthatches, blue jays, woodpeckers, and tufted titmice. Although most of us want feeders that ultimately deter squirrels from accessing the birds’ feed, the squirrels can occasionally get a part of your bird feed.

  • Suet Feeders

There are different types of suet feeders, but the most common feature is a classic cage design. The cages are usually attached to a vertical wooden surface or platform to allow nuthatches, woodpeckers, jays, wrens, and chickadees a space to prop with their tails.

  • Tube Feeders

Tube feeders are also excellent and do a great job of attracting birds like house finches, chickadees, northern cardinals, grosbeaks, and tufted titmice. The only downside is that they also attract squirrels, but there’s a solution.

Instead of going for the conventional tube feeders, purchase a tube feeder with a weighted contraption so that the feeder blocks access to squirrels and larger birds.

  • Tray Feeders

Tray feeders are the easiest to use straight from the box. You don’t have to assemble anything. You simply place the feeder on the ground, on your deck, or hang it on tree branches using a hook.

Tray feeders offer ample space for bird feeding due to their open design so that you can feed as many birds as possible at a go. As you would guess, feeding trays are mainly used to attract ground-feeding birds and larger birds.

When choosing a tray feeder, you need to check if the feeder has drainage holes or, better still, purchase a mesh tray feeder to allow drainage. If you don’t mind having squirrels as your visitors, you can purchase a tray feeder and place peanuts and dried corn ears on the bird feeder.

  • Hopper Feeders

Like a house, hopper feeders have four covered walls and a roof. While most of them are mainly filled with peanuts, you can see one with a suet feeder on one end. Hopper feeders are the best choice in wet and rainy environments because they keep the bird feed dry.

The only problem we have with hopper feeders is that they aren’t squirrel-proof. But that doesn’t cut the edge because they attract mourning doves, woodpeckers, and grosbeaks.

  • Mealworm Feeders

The mealworm bird feeder is an excellent addition to your compound, especially if you want to attract insect-eating birds (the likes of thrushes and wrens). Just place live mealworms in a doomed feeder or small glass dish.

  • Log Feeders

With a simple DIY project, you get this wooden bird feeder. Not unless you’re a DIY enthusiast; making a bird feeder can be an uphill task. However, this simple log feeder design makes the process easy and enjoyable.

Using a drill, make a few holes in an old log. Stuff the holes with peanut butter and suet, and the birds enjoy their sumptuous meal. The jays and woodpeckers love this bird feeder because they provide a built-in perch.

  • Nyjer Feeders

Nyjer bird feeders are mostly filled with black thistle seeds to attract American goldfinches. The Nyjer feeders are different because they’re made of different materials. Some are made of plastic, others with metal or mesh socks.

The sizes also vary, but we recommend bigger Nyjer feeders because they hold multiple goldfinches.

There are several types of bird feeders in the market. While we might have left out other feeders, we believe the ones we shared with you will change your birding experience in bird watching.

Best Bird Feeders: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do all Garden Birds Like Peanuts?
    Common birds like woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals, sparrows, towhees, wrens, and many more love peanuts. However, if you’re trying to attract hummingbirds, you might need to find an alternative because they don’t like peanuts.
  • Are Peanuts Safe For Birds?
    Peanuts are safe for birds, so you don’t have to worry about harming your feathered friends.
  • How Often Should I Replace Peanuts In a Bird Feeder?
    You need to replace the peanuts regularly, especially in a snowy place, because they easily get molds.
  • Are Raw Peanuts Safe For Birds?

Peanuts are safe for birds, but we discourage people from giving raw peanuts to the birds. Roasted peanuts without salt are highly nutritious and an excellent meal choice for the birds.

Final Word

Over the years, peanuts have been the best bird feed to attract different bird species to your space. However, you also need a suitable feeder to enable the wild birds to feed without any strains. With the feeders reviewed above, you can easily pick an ideal feeder for the kinds of birds you’re aiming to attract.

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