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Who we Are

Welcome to the home of all things birds and bird watching! We are passionate about the beautiful winged creatures of our world, and we want to share this passion with you. We provide unique insight into bird spotting, habitat conservation, and ways to help populations flourish. From first-time watchers to experienced enthusiasts, we have something for everyone. Our mission is simple: Celebrate birds together! Follow us for up-to-date news on species observation, exclusive access to resources for birders all over the world, and tips on how you can make a difference in your own backyard. Join us now – let’s fly high together!

Our Mission

Our mission is to make birding activities fun and affordable. We strive to ensure everyone enjoys, understands and protects birds.

Ever seen a bird you couldn’t identify? Most of us have been there. Every bird watcher needs a good resource center which can help them identify not only birds in their backyard but also those they encounter during their bird watching tours.

At spanishbirdguides.com, we believe that when you step in this place you should get all the answers to your birding questions.

From wild birds to backyard birds to products you’ll need for your feathered friend, we’ve got you. The team here is dedicated to helping everyone find what suits them best.

We do this because we believe in birding.

Meet The Team


Mark W.

Mark grew up in Oregon where we have over 500 species of birds.

Seeing crows, hummingbirds and others in our backyard got me started in this path and adventure.

My personal mission is to help others identify what is in their backyard easily. I started teaching my daughter when she was about 5 and now she can identify most species in the US. It’s something we bond over.

Now, the easiest way to share my knowledge with you is through this blog. I’ll share tips on how to choose birds for beginners, how to raise your birds, where to go touring, the gear you’ll need and more. Stay tuned!




Dana W.

Hi, I’m Dana. I was introduced to birding when I was young and they are fantastic creatures.

From long legs to blue eggs to unique crests, there is so much to learn about this amazing species.

Also, I’ve found it relaxing to watch them fly or glide. I can do this for days. It helps calm me down.

Here, I’m the community manager, helping you learn more about birds in the wild.


Steve Price

My good friend Mark and I have always enjoyed bird watching.

We came up with the idea of SBG to meet and share with other birding enthusiasts.




Shaunn Fisher

Hi there. Tech guy here. I grew up in Aiken, S. Carolina.

Growing up I loved writing code and did IT in college. During my free time I enjoy spending time outdoors. I love nature.

I joined SBG to not only help with the technical side of thing but also share my adventures with you.

Want to share and talk to us? You can contact us here