8 Hawk Babies (Identification & Images)

What is a baby hawk called? Eyas. The name is applicable for every chick no matter the hawk subspecies. If you are looking to learn more than the name, the article below will help you identify different types of hawk babies by their plumage, size and more. 

You’ll also learn what time of the year you can spot them, nesting habits and more. From the popular red-tailed hawk to the swainson’s hawk, learn more about the first few months of life of hawks. 

1. Red-tailed Hawk Babies

 Red-tailed Hawk Babies

source: kindredcritters7

What do baby red-tailed hawks look like? 

When it comes to baby red-tailed hawks, there are many physical characteristics that make them unique. One, when they hatch they are tiny weighing about 2 ounces. Two, they have white fluffy down. At this stage, these baby hawks are helpless and like human babies cannot raise their heads. 

Within a few weeks, they’ll be juveniles.The juveniles tend to look similar to adults except for a few differences such as a darker plumage. As they reach maturity, they will molt into their adult plumage which is more vibrant in color than when they were young. It takes them about three years to mature. 

What time of the year are baby red-tailed hawks born? 

Late February to May is the time when red tailed hawks come into the world. However, note that this depends on the region. For example hawks in Canada lay eggs later from May while nesting season in the South starts in February.

What do red-tailed fleglings eat? 

The diet of red-tailed hawk chicks primarily consists of small mammals like mice and voles, although they will also feast on lizards and frogs when available. 

Hawks also sometimes feed their young with insects like grasshoppers and crickets. The parent hawks will hunt for prey in the surrounding area, then regurgitate it back to the nest so the young ones can enjoy a meal without having to leave the safety of their home.

As the babies grow and get stronger, they may test their hunting abilities with small farm animals like chicks. 

How long do baby red-tailed hawks stay in nest? 

Young red-tailed hawks typically remain in the nest for around 6 to 7 weeks after hatching. During this time, they rely on their parents to provide them with food and shelter while they mature and gain strength. 

Over this period, the young birds will grow rapidly, developing feathers and honing their flying skills as they prepare to take off on their own. After leaving the nest, however, juvenile red-tailed hawks may still return home periodically over the following several months as they learn more about life in the wild from their parents.

2. Northern Harrier Babies

Northern Harrier Babies

source: corey_pietryszyn

What do Northern harrier babies look like? 

A Northern harrier is a powerful bird of prey found across North America. They have unique physical characteristics and are easily recognizable by their long tails and broad wings. For those who are curious about what a baby Northern harrier looks like, we have all the answers here!

At birth, baby Northern harriers have grey down that cover most of their bodies. These feathers will eventually molt and be replaced with juvenile plumage once they reach 3-4 weeks old. In terms of color, the body will become pale brown on its belly and darker brown on its back. Additionally, they also gain their distinctive tail shape as well as yellow legs over time.

What time of the year are Northern harrier babies born? 

The breeding season for northern harriers starts in April and goes through until July. In this time, the female will lay her eggs and raise a brood of at least 4-5 eyas or hawk babies. 

What do Northern harrier babies eat? 

The majority of the Northern harrier’s diet consists of birds such as sparrows, quails, finches, robins and starlings and amphibians, which inhabit meadows and fields near their nesting grounds.

Female northern harriers feed the babies while males hunt and bring food to the nest. 

How long do Northern harrier babies stay in nest? 

The answer varies depending on the age of the chicks when they fledge. Generally speaking, chicks remain in the nest for around five weeks before taking their first flight. After leaving the nest, juvenile harriers will remain nearby for up to three weeks as they learn to fly and hunt effectively on their own.

3. Cooper’s Hawk Baby

Cooper's Hawk Baby

source: bkre8ive75

What does Cooper’s hawk baby look like? 

When these magnificent birds hatch, Cooper’s Hawk babies have white down and weigh about 1 ounce. Their eyes are yellow. As they mature, the juveniles quickly develop an almost adult plumage but darker. The upper parts will be brown, while the underparts are white with dark brown streaks. Their tails are also long and barred.

What time of the year are cooper’s hawk baby born? 

Cooper’s hawk baby season typically begins in March and can go as late as June. In late winter, adult Cooper’s hawks pair off and males build nests high up in trees. After about 30-36 days incubation period, their eggs finally hatch into beautiful little Cooper’s Hawk chicks!

What do Cooper’s hawk chicks eat? 

In the springtime when nests of eggs hatch into young chicks, the parents bring them food to help them grow. The primary sources of nutrition for these young birds are insects and small mammals.  Baby Cooper’s Hawks will also dine on smaller birds like finches or warblers if they can catch them since these are easier targets than larger animals.

How long do Cooper’s hawk babies stay in nest? 

According to experts, young Cooper’s Hawks will remain in their nest for around 35-42 days after they have hatched. During this time, they will be completely dependent on their parents for food and protection until they become strong enough to leave it.

4. Red-Shouldered Hawk Babies

Red-Shouldered Hawk Babies

source: bethanykaysphotography

What do red-shouldered hawk baby look like? 

At birth, baby red shouldered hawks are pale gray with wispy white down. They have dark eyes and a dull short and hooked bill. Note, the down becomes thicker within the first week of their life.

They begin to develop adult plumage between 11 and 14 weeks of age; however it can take as long as 6-8 months before the distinctive rusty-red shoulder patches appear fully. During this time, young red-shoulders favor a mottled grayish brown pattern with lighter underparts.

What time of the year are red-shouldered hawk babies born? 

They reproduce between January and May. The gestation period for these birds is usually around 32 to 40 days before they hatch from their eggs. During this time, the female hawk will keep her eggs warm while the male brings her food so she doesn’t have to leave her nest unattended. Once hatched, the chicks stay with their parents for several weeks before learning how to hunt and fly on their own.

What do red-shouldered hawk fledglings eat? 

The diet of a baby red-shouldered hawk depends on its age. For baby hawks that are just beginning to explore, food is typically provided by their parents in the form of small mammals, like mice or voles, as well as other birds, frogs and insects. 

As they grow older, their diet will transition to larger prey items such as rabbits or even snakes. Young red-shouldered hawks also enjoy consuming large quantities of frogs and toads due to their abundance and easy accessibility during early spring months.

How long do red-shouldered hawk chicks stay in nest? 

For most red shoulder hawk babies, they will remain in the nest for up to five weeks after hatching before taking any short flights outside of it. During this period, both parents take turns feeding them while they become accustomed to their environment and develop muscle strength necessary for flying longer distances.

 After around a month has passed, they can then start to take on more ambitious flights away from their home base with one or both of their parents guiding them along until they become independent enough to go out on their own.

5. Sharp-shinned Hawk Fledglings 

Sharp-shinned Hawk Fledglings


What do Sharp-shinned hawk baby look like? 

Sharp-shinned hawk nestlings will often be significantly smaller than their adult counterparts and can weigh between 1 – 2 ounces when hatched. They typically have white down and their eyes are open. 

What time of the year are Sharp-shinned hawk nestlings born? 

The breeding season of Sharp-shinned hawks starts in March once they have returned from migration and continues through June depending on the location. 

What do Sharp shinned hawk baby eat? 

Sharp-shinned Hawks are carnivores, and their diet consists predominantly of small birds, rodents, lizards and insects. In fact, studies have shown that ninety percent of their diet comes from small birds like starlings and sparrows! The other ten percent is made up of a variety of other items such as frogs, grasshoppers and caterpillars. 

How long do sharp-shinned hawk juveniles stay in nest? 

Sharp-shinned hawks eyasses typically remain in their nests for 6 weeks before fledging. During this time, the parents provide them with food which they regurgitate into the nest.

The eyasses grow rapidly while in the nest, developing feathers and stronger bones that enable them to begin learning how to fly. 

6. Northern Goshawk Nestlings

Northern Goshawk Nestlings

Source: yutaka_hoya

What do northern goshawk baby look like? 

Northern goshawks typically lay two to three eggs and incubate them for around 38 days before they hatch. The young chicks are covered with a thin layer of short white down. Notice their yellow feet and dark eyes. 

What time of the year are northern goshawk breed? 

The answer lies in the changes of the seasons. Northern Goshawks typically breed from April to June. Females will lay up to four eggs with hatching taking place within 28 to 38 days after being laid. 

What do northern goshawk fledglings eat? 

Northern goshawks are carnivores, primarily feeding on small mammals such as squirrels, rabbits, and mice. They also feed on other birds such as songbirds and game birds. But when it comes to baby northern goshawks or nestlings, their diet shifts somewhat as they rely heavily on insects for sustenance. Insects make up more than 70% of the nestling’s diet with caterpillars being one of their favorite foods.

How long do northern goshawk babies stay in nest? 

The answer is dependent on each individual bird, but generally speaking, it can take anywhere from 34-35 days for a baby northern goshawk to leave its nest after hatching. During this time, they will depend completely on their parents for food and protection while learning how to fly and hunt for themselves.

7. Broad-winged Hawk Chicks

Broad-winged Hawk Chicks

Source: Pinterest

What do broad-winged hawk baby look like? 

Broad-winged babies or fledglings look quite different from the adult hawk. Instead of smooth feathers, they’re covered in fluff or down feathers which help them keep warm during the first few weeks after hatching. The wings are smaller than those of an adult broad-winged hawk and the tail is shorter too. They also have yellow eyes instead of the adults’ orange-yellow eyes. 

What time of the year are broad-winged hawks born? 

The exact time varies depending on the region, but typically eggs are laid between April and August. Female broad-winged hawks lay three to four eggs at a time, which hatch about five weeks after laying.

What do broad winged hawk babies eat? 

Broad-winged hawk nestlings feed primarily on insects such as junebugs, ground beetles, caterpillars, ants and grasshoppers. They also consume smaller vertebrates like lizards, frogs, small birds and rodents when available.

How long do broad winged hawk chicks stay in nest? 

Young birds remain in their nest for around five weeks after they hatch. During this time, they grow stronger feathers and shed baby feathers, also they still depend on their parents for food and protection. 

8. Harris Hawk Chicks

Harris Hawk Chicks

Source: pitcombe_rock_falconry

What do Harris hawk baby look like? 

At hatching, Harris hawk babies are covered in a soft layer of cinnamon colored down. Eyes are open but they are helpless like other hawk chicks.  As they grow, they will begin to molt into juvenile plumage, which consists of brown and gray feathers with a few whitish patches on the undertail. 

What time of the year are harris hawk born? 

The Harris Hawk’s breeding season begins in late winter to early spring months. During this time, the parents will build a bulky elliptical nest high up in a tree or cliff, depending on their location.

What do harris hawk baby eat? 

Like all other young birds, Harris hawk chicks need to be fed a special diet that consists mainly of proteins and fats until they can hunt on their own. In the wild, mother Harris hawks feed their babies a combination of small mammals like squirrels as well as medium-sized birds. 

How long do harris hawk fledglings stay in nest? 

 After they hatch, the young hawks will stay in their nest until they reach an age where they can fly safely – usually around forty days old. During this time, they are reliant on their parents while they learn how to hunt and take care of themselves.


Hawk baby name 

A baby hawk, known as an eyas, is a small bird of prey that is still in the nest. Hawks are part of the family Accipitridae, which includes many birds like eagles and kites. 

How many babies does a hawk have at one time? 

When it comes to raptors such as hawks, an adult female will typically lay three to five eggs per clutch. Also most hawk subspecies raise one brood with 3-5 babies per breeding season. However, some subspecies such as Harris hawk can raise 2 broods per season depending on food availability. 

Do hawks reuse their nests?

It turns out that some hawks do indeed return to the same nests each breeding season. The Red-tailed Hawk is a good example of a species that will usually stay loyal to one nesting site for many years in a row. The reasons behind this behavior can vary from bird to bird, but generally have something to do with protecting the safety of their young or providing an adequate environment for successful reproduction.

How do you rescue a baby hawk? 

Rescuing a baby hawk can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It is important to know the proper procedure in order to ensure that the baby hawk has the best chance of a successful recovery and release back into its natural habitat.

The first step when rescuing a baby hawk is to assess the situation and determine if it really needs help. If you see a healthy-looking bird, leave it alone as young hawks are naturally clumsy and may just need some time to practice their hunting and flying skills. If there appears to be an injury or illness, then contact your local wildlife rehabilitation center for advice on how best to proceed with rescuing the bird.

Once you have determined that intervention is necessary, use thick gloves or a towel when handling the bird in order to minimize stress on both yourself and the animal.

Do mother hawks teach their babies to fly? 

Hawks are some of the largest birds of prey in the world, and each species has its own unique way of teaching its young to take flight.

The mother hawk will usually stay close to her baby during the first few weeks of life, keeping a careful watch over it as it learns how to stand, walk and climb. As time progresses, she will start taking short flights with her baby, eventually leading up to full fledged lessons on how to use wings. During these sessions, the hawk mother uses body language and vocalizations to encourage her chick; practicing dives and turns while in mid-flight until they can confidently soar through the sky on their own.





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