31 Fascinating Birds that Start With A (2023 Edition)

The world of animals is endlessly fascinating and diverse, with creatures of all shapes and sizes. Among the many different types of animals are the birds, a group that is particularly interesting due to their wide range of sizes, shapes, and behaviors. Of the many different types of birds that start with A.

In this article we’ll look at different birds that begin with letter A, starting with the well-known American golden plover to the lesser known Anjouan sunbird. Let’s get started.

List of Birds that Start with A

1. Alpine thrush

The Alpine thrush is a small, brown bird that can be found in the rocky alpine areas. They are almost the same size as the Himalayan thrush though they have a slightly larger wingspan.

Alpine thrushes are usually seen perched on a tree branch, where they sing beautiful songs to attract a mate. They have brown upperparts and scaled black and white underneath.

These birds are very territorial and will defend their territory vigorously. Alpine thrushes eat insects and berries.

2. Alder flycatcher

Alder flycatchers are small olive-greenish birds that can be found in wooded areas across North America. They are insectivores and feed on a variety of insects, including mosquitoes.

They are very territorial and often sing loudly to defend their territory. Their songs are a distinct “fee-bee-o”. During breeding seasons, females lay up to 4 eggs that are incubated for 2 weeks.

Alder flycatchers typically mate for life and build their nests in tree cavities or other sheltered areas. They are the same size as the Tennessee warbler.

3. American golden plover

The American golden plover is a medium sized plover that measures about 11 inches and has a wingspan of about 25 inches. It is the most common and widespread of the plovers family.

American golden plovers range through much of North America except for the far north and the coldest parts of Alaska. They feature a molted black back with some gold spots on the wings. The bill is short, black and pointed. Notice the white crown that extends to the breast.

Nesting season lasts for several months with the female laying heavily blotched eggs that are incubated for 27 – 28 days. Unlike other birds, the chicks of these plover birds are able to feed themselves within a day.

4. American Barn Owl (North American Bird)

The American Barn Owl is a common owl found throughout North America. These owls are mostly brown with lighter markings on their chests and bellies. They have large, yellow eyes and a heart-shaped face. They are a medium-sized owl, about 15 inches in length, the same size as the tawny owl and with a wingspan of about 42 inches.

Barn owls feed primarily on small mammals such as mice, rats, and rabbits. They also eat birds, reptiles, and amphibians. They typically hunt at night, but they can also be active during the day. They hunt by swooping down onto their prey from above.

Barn owls are cavity nesters and typically build their nests in abandoned buildings or barns, hence the name “barn owl”. They will also use tree cavities or other natural sites like cliffs for nesting.

5. Acacia tit

The acacia tit is a small passerine bird that is found in Africa. This bird is a member of the family Paridae, which includes tits, chickadees, and nuthatches. It is closely related to the coal tit and the blue tit.

Measuring about 4 inches, acacia tits are easy to identify; dark grey back with white cheeks and pale underparts. The wings are black with white tips, and the tail is black with white bars. The bill is black and the eyes are brown.

The diet of the acacia tit consists mainly of insects, but it will also eat seeds and fruit. It forages for food by gleaning insects from tree branches, often hanging upside down to do so.

6. Abbott’s starling

The starling is a small, brown bird that is common in Kenya, Africa. They are mid-sized, almost the same size as birds in the finch family.

Starlings are omnivorous and eat a variety of insects, fruits, and seeds. They are known for their intelligence and playful behavior. Starlings form large flocks and can be very noisy. They are also known for their ability to adapt to new environments and learn new behaviors quickly.

7. Amazon kingfisher

The Amazon kingfisher is a medium-sized green kingfisher found in South America. It is the only member of the genus Chloroceryle. This species was described by a French naturalist in 1779.

These birds are found in forests near streams and rivers where they forage for fish, frogs and aquatic insects. Amazon kingfishers are mostly glossy green with a white throat and belly and chestnut breast.

8. Abyssinian catbird

Another bird we’ve included in this list of birds starting with A is a small cute bird with stunning red eyes. This passerine bird from Africa is a member of the family sylviidae

Measuring about 7 inches, abyssinian cat birds are mostly gray with chestnut undertails. They feed on small fruits, especially berries, and often perch prominently on trees or other high objects to survey its territory. The song of the Abyssinian catbird is a series of loud, trilling notes that can be heard from some distance away.

9. Afep pigeon

The afep pigeon is a rare breed of bird that is found in Africa. These pigeons are known for their beautiful feathers, which are mostly gray. They are also distinguishable by their large, reddish eyes.

Afep pigeons typically live in flocks and eat a variety of seeds and fruits. Although they are not currently considered to be an endangered species. This group of birds beginning with A are known for their loud “doo” or “whu” calls. They are slightly larger than the blue jay.

10. Allen’s hummingbird

There are many different types of hummingbirds, but Allen’s hummingbird is one of the most common. They are found in western North America, from southern Alaska to northern California. They grow to be about three inches long and have a wingspan of about four inches.

Allen’s hummingbirds are unique in that they are one of the species that can fly backwards.

These birds feed mainly on nectar, but they will also eat insects if they need to. They can fly up to 60 miles per hour and can stay in the air for up to 16 hours! Their scientific name is Selasphorus sasin

11. American crow

The American crow is a part of the crow family and is slightly larger than the fish crow. These birds are black in color, and have a characteristic wedge-shaped tail.

They are omnivorous, and feed on a variety of food items, including insects, small mammals, eggs, and carrion. They are very intelligent birds, and have been known to use tools to obtain food.

They are also one of the most common species of birds in North America, and can be found in many different habitats.

12. Atlantic canary (Wild canary)

Atlantic canary is a species of bird that is endemic to the canary islands. The Atlantic canary was first mentioned in European literature in the 17th century, and was thought to be a subspecies of the red-breasted canary.

However, DNA analysis has since shown that the two species are not related and are actually different species. They can measure up to 4.7 inches long, slightly smaller than the house sparrow.

13. African blue flycatcher

The African blue flycatcher is a small, slender bird that is found in Africa. It has striking blue upperparts and paller underparts.

These insectivorous birds are known to catch their prey mid-air. They build small, cup-shaped nests out of grasses and other materials, which they attach to trees or other structures. This bird that begins with A is monogamous, and typically mates for life.

14. Aldabra white-eye

Aldabra white-eyes are small birds that can be found in Seychelles. This little olive green bird has a beautiful white eye stripe, and a short, stout bill.

The Aldabra white-eye is a very common bird on the island, and it can be found in many different habitats. This bird feeds mainly on seeds, but it will also eat fruit. It is a very social bird, and it often congregates in large flocks.

15. American avocet

How rare is the American Avocet? Fortunately, due to conservation measures, this bird can be found in most parts of the East Coast.

The American avocet is a medium-sized shorebird that has long legs and a long neck. They have a slightly curved-upwards long beak. They prefer brine shrimp, and they can be found in marshes, wetlands, and other areas near water.

American avocets are monogamous, and the males perform elaborate courtship dances to win mates. Their nests are made of sticks, and the eggs are incubated by both parents.

What animal eats avocet? Its predators include weasels and foxes.

16. African cuckoo

There are many different types of cuckoos, but the African cuckoo is one of the most interesting. This bird is known for its ability to lay its eggs in other birds’ nests and then leave them to be raised by those other birds.

This medium-sized bird is mostly gray upper and barred underneath. The bill is yellow-black. Notice the gorgeous yellow eye-ring. This cuckoo feeds mostly on beetles and caterpillars. Its scientific names are Cuculus gularis.

17. American robin

American robins are medium-sized North American birds that are found throughout the continent. They are members of the thrush family and are easily recognized by their orange breast and yellow bill.

Robins are one of the earliest breeding birds in North America, often starting to build nests in late winter. They are also one of the most common birds, and can be found in all types of habitats, from forests to cities. Robins are omnivorous, eating a variety of fruits, insects, and worms.

18. Amazonian black tyrant

The Amazonian black tyrant is a passerine bird in the tyrannidae family. It is found in forest, woodland and cultivation from southern Mexico to central Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay.

These birds are sexually dimophirc, with all black males and brown females. They are arboreal birds which usually perch upright on a branch or twig.

19. African desert warbler

African desert warblers are closely related to common throats. These small passerine birds are endemic to the deserts of North Africa. It is a drab, sandy-colored bird with a pale throat and breast.

It has a short bill and legs and stunning yellow eyes. This warbler typically forages by hopping along the ground. African desert warblers are insectivores, and feed on a variety of insects, including beetles, ants, and grasshoppers and can also eat berries. They are usually solitary birds, but sometimes form small flocks during the winter months.

20. Alpine pipit

The Alpine pipit is a small passerine bird that is found in the mountains of North Africa. It is brown with a streaked back and pale underparts.

This bird that starts with A feeds on insects, and nests on the ground in well-hidden locations. This species is considered to be of Least Concern by the IUCN, as it is abundant and has a wide range. It produces beautiful whistled tones.

21. American goldfinch

Is the American goldfinch rare? This is a common bird species. You can find them in California, Oregon, Michigan, New Jersey and Iowa. They are mostly found in backyards, orchards, roadsides and cultivated areas.

The male has bright yellow feathers on the head and body, while the female is mostly olive and duller underneath. These birds are seed-eaters, and can be seen hopping around on the ground or perched on branches looking for food. They are usually seen in flocks of other goldfinches, but can also be seen with other bird species.

22. Amethyst sunbird

The amethyst sunbird (Chalcomitra amethystina) is a species of bird in the Nectariniidae family. It is found in parts of Asia, preferring subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests.

It is slightly smaller than the European starling, measuring about 6 inches. The first thing you’ll notice about this sunbird species is the curved bill that is used to suck nectar. Males are mostly black and females are brownish-gray. They also feed on termites and other small insects.

23. Andean swallow

Andean swallows are typically medium size birds that have dark plumage on their upper and paler underparts. Sexes share color as well as features. Their wings are brownish-black, and they have a wide tail. Juveniles are slightly paler than adults.

Andean swallows are found throughout much of South America.

24. Anjouan sunbird

Boasting a distinctively colorful head and long bill, Anjouan sunbirds are closely related to the Amethyst sunbirds. This small bird is endemic to the Comoros archipelago. The sunbird is a member of the Nectariniidae family and is sexually dimorphic, with the male being black with hints of maroon on their chests while the female is mostly yellowish-green.

The diet of the Anjouan sunbird consists mainly of nectar from flowers, but it will also take insects. It builds a small, cup-shaped nest out of plant material which it suspends from a branch or vine.

25. Ant-eating chat

Anteater Chats are small birds that are found in some African countries and are another type of birds that start with A. They are dark brown and patches of white on the wings.

These birds get their name from their diet of ants which they hunt by probing the ground for them with their strong beaks. They are also known to eat other insects, spiders, and fruit. The AntEater Chat builds its nests in trees or shrubs and lays 2-4 eggs at a time. Their songs vary from grating notes, whistles and clucks.

26. Abyssinian woodpecker

Another group of birds begin with letter A are the Abyssinian woodpeckers. Males have golden yellow backs with barred wings and a red cape that is synonymous with male woodpeckers. Females share similar colors but have a brown cape.

This bird is quite common in open areas such as forests and clearings, but is also found in urban settings. It feeds on insects such as spiders, fruits, and seeds.

27. Aleutian tern

The Aleutian tern is a small seabird that nests on the Alaskan coast. This small tern feeds primarily on small fish and crustaceans. These birds whose names begin with letter A are monogamous species, and the pair usually builds a stick nest on an elevated platform near the water.

28. Australian raven

Black, beautiful and curious, the Australian raven is a large black with stunning white eyes. It is a member of the family Corvus, which includes the Hawaiian crow and American crow.

The Australian raven ranges in size from 18 to 21 inches long and has a wingspan of up to 39 inches. It is an omnivorous bird that feeds on both meat and plant matter, but especially on carrion.

29. Albatross

The albatross is one of the most unique and beautiful animals on earth. These birds can fly for hours without stopping, and they use their wings to stay in the air.

The albatross is one of the largest members of the seabird family and it is also one of the most unique. It has a wingspan that can be up to 3.5 meters, making it one of the largest flying creatures on earth.

Did you know this bird can glide for about 500 miles? Albatrosses are able to fly for long periods of time without stopping, which allows them to travel great distances across the ocean. They feed on small fish and krill, which they catch by diving down into the water and grabbing them with their bills.

30. Australian magpie

Australian magpies are another type of birds that start with A. They are one of the most widespread and recognizable birds in Australia. They feature strong black and white bill, black face and wheat and its mostly black underneath.

They are omnivorous, eating everything from insects to small rodents and lizards. Magpies are social animals that live in large groups, often forming relationships with other magpies in their area.

31. Audubon’s oriole

Baltimore orioles are birds in the family Icteridae. This beautiful and colorful bird can be found throughout most of Maryland.

It is an important part of the bird community, enjoying a wide variety of habitats from open country to cities. The Baltimore Oriole is one of the few birds that migrate long distances, making it a favorite among bird watchers all over the world.

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